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Magic light time

There are a few moments during the late afternoon when our world turns golden. There are birds and bunnies – and the occasional roadrunner looking for an unaware lizard; a coyote looking for his dinner, or a bevy of quail … Continue reading

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Delicate iris

There are little oases of iris around the bases of the trees, and some islands of their own.

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Waffle du jour

Topped today with sour cream, brown sugar, cinnamon, and homemade fruit granola, with a sprinkling of blackberries.  Looks like I was too stingy with the amount of batter.  Too much, and it runs all over the waffle iron, so I … Continue reading

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Tres trees

Arizona Spanglish!  This is our beautiful ash tree, flanked by a eucalyptus, and further to the right, a mighty oak tree.  The smaller bushy tree at the far right is a magnolia.  It had a few blossoms this spring, but two … Continue reading

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Our new love affair

WAFFLES!!!!!!! Sour cream is the anchor that holds the strawberries in place.  The pecans and brown sugar are just soooo decadent.  On top, and around on the plate, you can see little bits of “stuff”.  That is the result of a … Continue reading

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The Watchtower

Captain McMouse watches from his vantage point.

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Albino squirrel

He never tires of running around this tree.

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Nighttime serenade

At night sometimes the coyotes sound like they are this close. But sound travels far, so they are probably a fair distance away.

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Eye candy

These lovely flowers are called Desert Bird of Paradise. They shake in the lightest of wind, so I am always trying to improve the photo that appears here.

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The new recruit

This substantial fellow is the newest addition to the Garden Guardians.

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Moon over South Jetty, Oregon

We spent a few days at a Thousand Trails Preserve that was adjacent to this beautiful beach area. The afternoon sunlight that day was just breathtaking. As it turns out, this photograph was taken by my husband, Gary Villere.  I’m not … Continue reading

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One of the benefits of living close to the border. These beauties were 3/$.99!

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Bunny in the bushes

Shy sidekick of the froggs.

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The Guardhouse

Where the changing of the guard takes place.

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The backup team

At the ready to repel boarders.

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Small, auxiliary Garden Guards

These guys are on hand in case any intruders get overly rowdy.

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Magic bubble

This is the magic bubble from whence comes the power of the Guardian Froggs to maintain order in the garden.

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Mama hummingbird on her nest

This little lady built her nest in this ash tree in May of 2010. She sat and sat, but we never saw any babies. Eventually she went away, but the nest stayed in place through the monsoon season and beyond. … Continue reading

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A vase from the past

Tohono Chul Park Tucson, Arizona

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The LEM at South Jetty, Oregon

This is our Land Exploration Module enjoying some quiet time at the Thousand Trails Preserve at South Jetty, Oregon.

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