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Mining equipment at Calico, California

This is actually quite a tourist trap, but the photo ops are extraordinary. The red in this picture is totally real – the snap is straight out of the camera!

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Take one step closer . . .

and it’s curtains for you!

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Amargosa Opera House

Near Death Valley Junction, California. See:

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Garden guardian

Mr. Friendly Frogg sits stoically – day and night – giving his complete attention to keeping the giraffes out of our yard. He does a splendid job at this task. Deer, javelina, coyotes, bunnies and roadrunners manage somehow to sneak … Continue reading

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Cactus wearing a necklace

These little flowers blossomed out for a few days, then were gone.

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Yellow rose

This is a rose that I took a picture of many years ago, but have only recently played with it in Photoshop.

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Blue urn

This gorgeous urn is one of many that are at the La Encantada Shopping Center in Tucson, Arizona. It was visual overload this day! So many beautiful things just begging to be photographed.

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This is what I see from the chair that I sit on in the afternoon out on our deck. Last year at this time, we were watching the Monument Fire coming our way. Thankfully, it was contained, but it took … Continue reading

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Neglected rosebush

Apart from cutting it back almost to the ground a few months ago, this beautiful rosebush has survived with no care except a few drops of water from the drip hose at its base. Roses in Arizona seem to thrive … Continue reading

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