Four bizarre kitchen tools


What uses can you think up for these items?

A high-sided closed foam, disposable “bowl”, a sprayer with distilled water in it, a small bottle cap, and a small piece of wood.


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3 Responses to Four bizarre kitchen tools

  1. Bev says:

    Used together or separately? And why does the spray bottle look like it’s melting?


  2. Andy Baird says:

    Cut a semicircular hole in each end of the blue container. Invert it and place it on the ground. Using a permanent felt marker, draw an old-fashioned steam locomotive on each side of the wood block, and glue the bottle cap onto the front to serve as a headlight. Now push the train through the tunnel, while using the sprayer to provide a cold drizzle. Presto–you’ve simulated a Scottish railway!


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