Jackrabbit (finally)

Jackrabbit ears

This guy has been teasing me for weeks! We have a “watering hole” on the outside of our rail fence for the various animals to be able to get water in this arid part of the country. This jackrabbit found it, and has been a frequent visitor.

Yesterday afternoon he was hopping away from the area just as I looked out the kitchen window. So I ran for my camera with the optical zoom, thinking there was no way . . . but he settled down for a spell right where you see him, and waited for me to get things set up.

Unfortunately, the zoom degrades the picture a fair amount, so he is blurry. But I’ll take it! ;->

Just after I snapped the picture, he started to hop away. A cottontail bunny was just on his way to the watering hole, so they crossed paths. Made for an odd photo, but I’ll see what I can do about getting it posted here. He looks pretty big in that picture – way bigger than just the ears in this picture!

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1 Response to Jackrabbit (finally)

  1. Bev says:

    Ha-Ha! Cute!


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