Luscious lunch


Split pea soup

One of my husband’s favorite soups is split pea. So easy to make. Just cook split peas for about an hour. When they’re soft, make a sofrito of onion, celery, carrots, and whatever else appeals to you. This time I added a half bag of frozen corn.

For my serving, I sprinkled some brown rice on top, and then some sour cream, with a sprinkling of Cajun seasoning. After the picture was taken, I sprinkled on some of the feta cheese (with basil and dried tomatoes) that you see in the picture.

The bread is a homemade loaf of white whole wheat with about a cup of sunflower seeds added – mmmmmmy favorite! The avocado on top is spread with a fork so as to make the little gullies for the lemon or (today) lime juice to collect in. A sprinkling of Vege-Sal = pure heavenly bliss. On days that I want extra spice, I use Tony Chachere’s Cajun seasoning salt. The tomatoes relish a light shower of balsamic vinegar.

The tomatoes, sprouts and avocado plate is a staple with just about every lunch. I grow the sprouts from a combination of seeds that I order from Amazon. It takes about five days to make a batch, and about five days to eat a batch. Pretty convenient, eh?


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2 Responses to Luscious lunch

  1. Holly Knott says:

    That all looks great! Is the bread homemade, too? I’ve never been an avocado fan unless it is made into guacamole of some sort, with vinegar, lime, a little salt, maybe some diced tomatoes and onions. That looks like what you might have on the bread?


  2. Judilyn says:

    Yes – homemade bread! White whole wheat with sunflower seeds.


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