This is one use for the bottle lid. Today is waffle day, and the batter bakes up nicer if the egg and buttermilk are at room temperature.

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  1. Andy Baird says:

    “the batter bakes up nicer if the egg and buttermilk are at room temperature.”

    How does it behave differently if they’re at refrigerator temperature? I’m curious.


    • judilyn says:

      Don’t have an exact answer for this, but cooking instructions have always said to have as many ingredients for baked goods as possible at room temperature. I presume that has to do with how they meld together – more smoothly if they are all the same. If some are cool and some are room temperature, then they may clash as they try to meld. I know nothing about the science of this – only 60+ years of experience – and maybe a modicum of “old wives’ tales”! ;->

      In any case, I actually do notice the difference in the finished products when I’ve remembered to take out the refrigerated ingredients an hour or two ahead of time. Maybe it is the interaction with the leavening, since the most obvious difference is the rising of, in this case, the waffles.

      But, all that said, with only one data point, it can’t be the experiment and the control at the same time, so I have no proof!

      Pictures of waffles to be posted soon.


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