Pepper and chicken pizza


This was really yummy!

Half a bread recipe on the dough cycle in the bread machine. Other half went for sandwich rolls.

Spread out half the dough on a pizza pan that is buttered and covered in cornmeal. Spread on olive oil and a bit of spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce, or just plain tomato sauce with your own Italian herbs.

Six slices of Provolone cheese, big slabs of jarred red and yellow peppers, bits of roasted chicken, sprinkled with some smoked paprika and oregano.

I suppose you could use a white sauce here instead of the tomato, or just leave the crust undressed. It sounds lovely, but I’ve never tried it. Would probably substitute tarragon for oregano if using a white sauce.

Bake at 500° for 15 minutes. Remove from pan with a giant pizza peel and slide onto the baking stone for another five or so minutes at 400°, so the crust will be very crispy.

This makes four servings, so tomorrow’s leftovers will have mushrooms and olives added when reheated.

Obviously you can make two pizzas instead of the pizza and six rolls that is my habit.


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