Elusive roadrunner


This guy has been taunting me for WEEKS! He is quick like a bunny; never being still. I had to take these pictures out of my kitchen window because if I go outside onto the deck, he disappears completely. Fortunately, the window cleaning fairy (my husband) had been along a few days ago, so that this process actually worked! I took 23 shots of him, but he was still in only this one. All others were blurred – meep, meep!

Click to see a close-up shot of his beautiful eye!


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17 Responses to Elusive roadrunner

  1. TexCyn says:

    What a great shot at that! Glad you finally got something of him. Good deal..my windows could use a little cleaning too 😉


  2. Oh, come on. He’s actually a stuffed bird. How else did you have time to get all the plants artfully arranged behind him?


  3. Chris Horst says:

    Judie, that photo is a keeper. You should consider framing it for posterity.



  4. Linda says:

    Judie – This is beautiful. Your backyard must be lovely! — Linda


    • Unfortunately it is the typical Arizona backyard. Miles of caliche covered with miles of black plastic, covered with various colored rocks to simulate flowing water. The five miles between us and the mountains, though, are spectacular! We can’t plant lovely plants or flowers like you had in Tucson because the critters find them all too tasty. Those cows can munch right through thorny cactus and roses. The deer like the tender shoots on the trees, and the javelinas overturn the decorative rocks to check for stray acorns. The bunnies dig holes in the rocks under the trees to lie in for brief siestas.


  5. Peggy Bohler says:

    I love this. Would love to see him moving along……… what fun.


    • Oh, he did puh-lenty of moving along. He grabbed a bug at one point, and I thought he would hold still to eat it, but he gulped it down and darted off in search of another. He preened his feathers quite a bit, too, but that made a peculiar shot, as it looked like he had no head. ;->


  6. Great shot! I haven’t seen a Roadrunner since I left Arizona – I hope to see more this winter. You should definitely enter that one in the Second Annual Roadrunner Photo Contest that Mellow Mike will be having – I forget when it will be, but you can check it out on his blog. I won the first contest, and received a really nice, big insulated coffee mug with beautiful RRs on it. I am looking forward to seeing the first and second place photos for the second contest.

    He is at: http://mellomikeswolfcreekcamper.blogspot.com/

    It’s such fun to snap a photo of Roadrunners that actually come out clear, and yours even has a gorgeous background! 🙂


  7. Diane says:

    What an awesome shot … well worth the 22 others.


  8. Bev says:

    Very nice! Have you tried cropping it into a portrait (vertical) image? Lose the dead space at left and right and keep the three tallest bird of paradise blooms in the frame.


  9. Donna says:

    Too cool!!!! Great pic!!!


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