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Grilled chicken and cheese/tomato sandwiches

Using a reliable non-stick pan, brown the planned-over chicken breast medallions, and then put cheese over the top to melt. This is Provolone. The cheese that spills over onto the pan should brown to a pleasant, nutty taste that adds … Continue reading

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Our own private lake beach at Roper Lake State Park

We were about a quarter of the way around this lake in a site, but it was reserved after the first two days we were there, so Gary went scouting for a new site for us. As it turned out, … Continue reading

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Vermillion flycatcher

This stunning bird came to our site every morning and early afternoon to show us how beautiful he is. I love the way each of his feet is on a different branch of the tree. I don’t know how he … Continue reading

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First dinner on this trip

Twenty eight long miles to our first stopover at Kartchner Caverns State Park. Stayed four days.

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Escape pods

We finally made good our escape! Lots of rain requires lots of naps!

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Leaf indecision

One of the last green leaves on this tree just couldn’t make up its mind about whether to turn yellow or not. He wanted to fit in with the group, yet retain his individualism. Eventually Mother Nature coaxed him along, … Continue reading

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Sesame sesame rolls

There were pizza toppings leftover from Thursday’s pizza party, so I made another one for lunch today. As usual, I made the extra dough into sandwich buns. We really like the taste of the sesame seeds, so this time I … Continue reading

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