Fireweed in the forest

Fireweed in a burned area

This brilliant fireweed is new ground cover for the burned areas.

Sometimes the light is just right, and if one is really quick, there is time for a shot or two before that perfect light disappears. I was almost quick enough for this shot, but not quite. Still pretty, though! ;->

This is on 249 on the way from the Alpine, Arizona area up to Big Lake via a 17-mile dirt road. We got to Mile Marker 12 before turning around because it was starting to get late, and we definitely did not want to be out there in the dark.

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4 Responses to Fireweed in the forest

  1. Carol Nagengast says:

    Beautiful scenery there! 


  2. judilyn says:

    Yes, one jaw-dropping scene after another. The sky was electric blue, with puffy white clouds around tall pine trees and above the mountains. Unfortunately some of the background area was burned in the Wallow Fire in June of 2011, but it is spotty. There is still much to be enjoyed in the area.

    Watch for elk and lake photos to come! ;->


    • Craig says:


      Nice shot, but I’m wondering about the fireweed. I normally think of it as a fairly tall (3-4 feet), magenta colored plant. Is this a different variety, or just a different plant with the same name because it emerges after a fire?


      • judilyn says:

        You’re probably right. After I made the post, I looked up Fireweed in Wikipedia, and the plants all looked a lot taller than this. These are just so feathery as to look ethereal – like cotton candy spun exceptionally thin. So, does anyone know what this plant is? It is everywhere as ground cover where there had been fire.


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