Two yearling elk dancing

two yearling elk dancing

Two yearling elk dancing

I know, too much manipulation! But these guys were right at the very edge of a photograph, and I didn’t even know they were there until I got home and was looking at the pictures on my computer. They were almost invisible, and my Photoshop skills are not strong enough to coax out a really good picture.

They were part of a huge herd that were munching away on the grassy meadow, and wandering around in the wooded areas. I could count 23 standing animals, and when I looked at the pictures, I could see that there were many more lying down in the tall grasses. There were a lot of them in the forest, too, that I couldn’t count.

The owner of the RV park where we are staying said that there were probably thirty or forty animals in all. He also said that it is not unusual for one, two, three, or even four of them to wander through the campground just after dark.

There are several open fields that surround the RV park that have visible cows during the days, but apparently herds of bachelor elk sometimes bed down at night in the open field directly behind the park. At night, when it is really, really quiet, we can hear bugling from the nearby areas. There isn’t much noise here at any time anyway, so we hear all sorts of wildlife. It is really, really dark out here, so we can’t see much at night.

As you can see from the picture, there is a big burned area right behind the “dancing” gentlemen. This is the result of the Wallow Fire from June of 2011, but most of the area was not burned. There are patches here and there, and it is possible to see where the firefighters were able to stop the flames in their tracks!

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9 Responses to Two yearling elk dancing

  1. bjdewell says:

    I think it’s a beautiful photo – I wouldn’t have known you manipulated it at all. It would have been wonderful to see them playing together. I have photos on my blog of young horses doing the same thing, and it was so much fun to watch them.


  2. Bev says:

    Awesome! You did the best you could. It looks like a painting. Now, I’m REALLY curious about those tree-climbing elk you mentioned… 😉


  3. Andy Baird says:

    It has a Degas-like quality. 🙂


  4. judilyn says:

    Okay, Bev. I had changed the wording before, but apparently didn’t hit “update”, thus no change showed up. MAYBE I’ve done it right this time. Check it out for me, please! ;->


  5. gypsy97 says:

    I love the dancing elk picture! At first I thought it might be fighting kangaroos, but they really don’t look like ‘roos at second glance.


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