Pocket Gopher

Pocket gopher holes

As we looked out the back window of the motorhome this morning, a little head with giant teeth kept popping up out of these holes, furiously tossing dirt out onto the solid ground. There are about five of these holes in a smallish area.

Didn’t know what the animal was, so went to Google. Turns out it is a Pocket Gopher.


I wondered aloud what kept snakes from going down the holes to devour an unsuspecting pocket gopher, or, more likely, its young. When we looked a few minutes later, all of the holes had been closed over. I guess that is the answer. This “closure” layer of dirt is probably loose enough that the little gopher can pop up through it without digging should he find it necessary to make a hasty exit from the underground tunnels.

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2 Responses to Pocket Gopher

  1. Linda says:

    Very interesting, Judi! I’ve been enjoying your pictures. You are a great photographer.


    • judilyn says:

      Thank you, Linda. I’ll try to have something more interesting than a pile of dirt to look at tomorrow, but this scene was interesting to me this morning. Wish I could have snagged a snap of the little guy who was so diligently re-landscaping the area behind the motorhome, but he was in and out quicker’n I could move to get the camera.


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