Huge Tree at the San Pedro Riparian Area

This tree is now twelve years older than when I took this picture in October of 2000. If you look really closely at the bottom left, you will see my husband, our neighbor, and our car! That will give you some perspective on how really huge this tree is – to say nothing of awe inspiring!


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3 Responses to Huge Tree at the San Pedro Riparian Area

  1. Rita says:

    Hi thanks for the picture I haven’t seen the tree for a few years it is beautiful and such a peaceful place


  2. I love big old trees:) My Grams used to have a huge weeping willow tree in her backyard that my Grandfather and mother planted back when she was a little girl. Sometimes I would just sit out there for hours… just thinking & writing… imagining my Grandfather and mother planting this little tree. Although, both the tree and Grandfather are physically in Heaven, they will always be in my heart in spirit:) Someday, I will see them again:)


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