Bird House #2 – Gone Fishin’

The skies are clouded over today, but in looking out the window, I could see that the colors in this bird house are more vibrant in the subdued light than they were when I took its photograph in bright sun the other day. So a retake was in order.

This is not my favorite of this morning’s batch from a photographic point of view, but it is the only one that shows up a little bird in the center top of the bird house. I had completely missed him until I saw him in this photograph on my computer screen. I like to think that this little guy is still a nestling, but is taking a look out to see if “the world” is something he wants to take on today. He seems uncertain!

There are plenty of openings for real birds to take up residence in these bird houses, but the only birds I have seen here are the much-too-large ravens! There are lots of trees in this campground, but the creek behind it is completely dried up. I presume that maybe in previous times, or maybe during a different season, this dry creek turns into a good-sized river. It is quite deep and there are very nice little decks built out over it in a few of the campsites.


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