Door to the Bisbee Grand Hotel

Bisbee Grand Hotel door

I can only imagine how beautiful this door was in the heydays of the late 1800’s! There is a picture of the doors on the Cochise County Courthouse shown in the Wikipedia article at,_Arizona .

They are worth a looksee. If you have a moment, there is a lot of interesting history and modern-day information about Bisbee at the above link. One of the most beautiful sights during the winter is when we get just a bit of snow, and the houses and businesses on the hills in Bisbee have a light dusting of snow. From the road coming into town, it looks like a “town setting” that people put up in their yards in the winter. Right at dusk, when the lights are just coming on inside the builings, it is a spectacular view!


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  1. Dale Ellis says:

    I took several photos of the Lavender Pit, the large open pit copper mine, on the edge of town. That was during our 2000-2001 stay in Sierra Vista.


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