The Bug from Mars

green-bug-sideview copy

This unusual fellow landed on our porch railing, clearly mistaking it for a dump station. Anyone know what it is? I’ve never seen anything like it before or since, and I lived for 36 years in the swampland of South Florida, where this sort of creature is not uncommon.

He hung around for a while, allowing a few photographs, but then flew off, leaving only his calling cards behind.

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8 Responses to The Bug from Mars

  1. Camilla says:

    It’s a red antennaed boghopper…..


  2. Camilla says:

    A Curledtail swamp jumper…


  3. Are they filming a new Men in Black in your area?


  4. judilyn says:

    Very good, Linda! Our fave line from the initial movie, as the alien abducted a tasty morsel young girl to take with him in his space ship: “It’s a long trip, and I’m gonna need a snack”!!!


  5. Craig says:

    You have a particularly lovely Katydid there. There are hundreds of species so you need a real bug person to identify it exactly.

    Nice picture to remember it by.


  6. Kim says:

    What a great photo. Illustrates the wonder of evolutionary engineering.


  7. Bev says:

    I second Craig’s ID of a katydid.


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