The Copper Chair

gary's chair-copper1

Well, not really copper – it’s just a plain white plastic chair sitting in the corner of my aunt’s porch in Fort Myers, Florida. The simplicity of it begged me to play with the colors.

The chair cast an interesting shadow on the wall, and I couldn’t leave that alone.

Which do you like best?

gary's chair-copper, textured wall


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6 Responses to The Copper Chair

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Judi – The second one has such crisp shadows, but I still like the first one better with the saturated colors…


  2. Craig says:

    First one for the same reasons. And the manipulated shadow seems unnatural, which draws too much attention. Nice shot, though. I have a similar one I took in the bathroom that I’ll send you.


  3. judilyn says:

    Um . . . bathroom? ;->


  4. Andy Baird says:

    Great photo! I like the original best.


  5. Bev says:

    Definitely the first one.


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