Bird Makes His Mark in Dust

bird imprint on Dorrie Anne

This unusual imprint of what is probably from a dusty dove was on the window of our motorhome. We didn’t see any evidence that there was a death involved, so I guess he just slammed into the window sideways, fell to the ground, cleared his little head and flew off. Now one side of him is going to be less dusty than the other.

A hard image to photograph, this was the best of my attempts.


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8 Responses to Bird Makes His Mark in Dust

  1. Dale Ellis says:

    Did you notice the image within the wing image?


  2. Camilla says:

    Wow! That is weird!


  3. bjdewell says:

    That is quite an unbelievable photo! I’ve had birds hit my windows, and even found a dead bird on the ground under the window the morning i left Hot Springs, but never had an imprint like this. I think your photo is very interesting. 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      Over the years, we have heard many a “thunk” and find either nothing (whew!), or, as you have noticed, smallish birds who don’t survive the crash. At times there have been two hit simultaneously, and we have speculated that perhaps they had other things on their minds at the time.


  4. Linda says:

    Cool! Good job…


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