Guy Food

guy food

When we were in Silver City, New Mexico last November, we had Thanksgiving dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Shevek & Co.. This morning there was an email from the owner telling about some classes that he will be teaching this year. Oh, how I would love to go!

But failing that, I wandered around on his site a bit:

and found the menu page, with this bit of inspiration: .

Although I had plenty of Feta cheese, I opted to use Extra Sharp White Cheddar, and sprinkled it with some tarragon and smoked paprika. I even had a container of leftover polenta (just like in the picture of the restaurant dish!), but since this was to be “Guy Food”, I toasted up some focaccia with a few French fries that were left from the other night. I know, sounds gross, but remember – it’s “Guy Food”!! ;-> The French fries were a special request.

The rest of his lunch was the remainder of the minestrone soup, this time with some chicken slices added, and the plate of veggies that you see in the picture. I managed to snag a bit of the avocado and tomato for my salad, which, naturally, looked a lot like yesterday’s. I left out the macadamia nuts this time – mostly because I forgot them, and was too lazy to shuffle over to the freezer to fetch them.

So satisfying! ;->


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