Over Easy, plus

over easy pasta salad

Someone on a blog I read asked about favorite Sunday breakfast dishes. Does it count if we ate in on a Monday, AND it was lunchtime? ;->

What you can see is obvious, but what you can’t see is the melange of flavors that are lurking in the pasta thanks to sun-dried tomatoes in herbed oil, roasted red peppers, scallions, and a few slices of white Cheddar cheese that melted deliciously into the pasta part.

Usually it is poached eggs with something like this, but I had a big open space in the pan that I did the pasta in, so I thought I would try “over easy” and hope that they wouldn’t stick to the pan too badly since there was no grease in the pan. You can thank my silicone spatula for being able to get under the eggs so easily. That is smoked paprika on the left egg and dill weed on the right one. Next time, I’ll use tarragon.

I wanted to add some orange and avocado slices, but was too hungry to wait! Oink!


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5 Responses to Over Easy, plus

  1. That looks absolutely DELISH!! I want a plate, please! <>


  2. Dale Ellis says:

    Have you ever tried smoked paprika on grilled salmon? Good stuff!


    • Dale Ellis says:

      Forgot to mention that I also use dill weed on grilled salmon. I have actually combined both dill weed and smoked paprika, but didn’t like that as much . I will have to try them on eggs, as you did.


      • judilyn says:

        Smoked paprika has become my “go to” spice for adding color. I can’t say that I taste it unless I add quite a bit to a dish. There is enough of an ambience, though, to make it worthwhile to keep it on hand.


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