Cuban Sandwich, Arizona Style

Cuban sandwich innards

Part Po’ Boy, part muffaletta, part Cuban Sandwich, Part Judie – I make it up as I go along. Made this yesterday. When lunch time rolled around today, the cry was for more of the same. But, of course, I never make anything exactly the same way twice, so today, I added mushrooms to the grilled veggie melange.

I’ll show you the whole loaves tomorrow.


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3 Responses to Cuban Sandwich, Arizona Style

  1. Bev says:

    Did you grill your peppers on a grill? They look perfect.


    • judilyn says:

      Not on a grill – just a pre-heated big frying pan so that there is no overlap, and then put a cover on the pan so that the smoke doesn’t drive me out of the kitchen. It takes about twenty minutes to get them all “blackened” like that. I stir them around a few times during the cooking process.


  2. IRENA & dots says:

    Would you prepare one more for me as well? It is 4 hours till my lunch but I could have it right away 😉 🙂


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