The Tale of Two Enchiladas (His ‘n’ Hers)

Gary's enchilada

This is DH’s choice of presentation – traditional. Inside were refried beans and homemade filling made with ground meat and shakes of herbs and spices out of Mama Judie’s Secret Cache of Ingredients. The cheese on top always looks like melted plastic because he favors White Cheddar cheese!

And, as an alternative, we have . . .

judie's enchilada

We still had some of the delicious sourdough hard rolls, so I chose to use one of them instead of a tortilla, spreading the filling and toppings around on it more like a Sloppy Joe – A Sloppy Jose, I guess! It was delicious! NB: Festive plate for mine! ;->

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6 Responses to The Tale of Two Enchiladas (His ‘n’ Hers)

  1. Tommy says:

    Your are the perfect chef cook Judie šŸ™‚


  2. Bev says:

    Sloppy Jose… LOL!


    • judilyn says:

      I didn’t know how to say “sloppy” in Spanish! I liked the bun ever so much better than a gummy tortilla. When I make tortillas fresh, they are really good, but get stale fast – two days. So I can only imagine what they put in the packaged ones to make them last basically forever in the refrigerator. Surprisingly, cornbread makes a good base for a lot of Mexican food, too. You just can’t pick it up in your hands to eat it. The flavor meld is as if it were a corn tortilla, but the texture is just different. Fresh cornbread for dinner, and then as a base for lunch dishes the next day – win, win!!


  3. Bev says:

    Is that cut up cucumber on Gary’s plate?


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