The Buckhorn Restaurant – Silver City, New Mexico

Buckhorn restaurant

No, this isn’t a sepia print. It looks just like that! AND it is a going concern. There is a menu posted in the window, and when I read it, I presumed it was fairly current because desserts were all $7.50 EACH! Whew! I asked around at the campground, and, yup, it’s fairly famous around them thar parts.

I guess the hitching rail is for those who come under equine power!

Their site is at:


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4 Responses to The Buckhorn Restaurant – Silver City, New Mexico

  1. Craig says:

    More likely above or behind equine power than under it. 😉


  2. Dale Ellis says:

    I like it. Will definitely go there when I get to Silver City. Btw, I started my volunteer assignments last Saturday. Love it!


    • judilyn says:

      Be sure to let us knows how it is. The locals spoke highly of it, but the large numbers after the $$$$ on the menu scared me off. PM me about your new assignments! ;->


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