Girly Salad

mega - 4-11-13

This is my favorite kind of lunch. I start with a small bed of a nice lettuce – red, in this case, but butter lettuce and Romaine are good, too. Seldom iceberg – it has basically no nutrition, but does have a nice crunch when it is fresh.

Then I just add whatever bits of yummies that are lurking in the refrigerator. In this salad there is:

Red lettuce
Potato salad (with celery, green pepper, cucumbers and a bit of Cole slaw dressing)
Tomato bits
Roasted red pepper bits (I do two at a time, and then enjoy slowly)
Sweet potato
Bulgur (with mushrooms and onions)

I make up a small bit of dressing, maybe a quarter cup, at a time because we don’t use much. That usually lasts about a week.

I don’t remember exactly, but frequently with this meal, DH has a bowl of whatever soup is extant at the moment, a bowl of the lettuce du jour, and a plate of olives, tomatoes, pepperoncini, and avocado to eat on top of a piece (or two!) of homemade French bread with melted cheese on top. We cleverly call this bread concoction “Cheesebread”!

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2 Responses to Girly Salad

  1. dreamjosie says:

    My goodness, that’s not very much salad dressing. I make ours too, but probably more like 1 1/2 C at a time in an old Good Seasons cruet. I’m lucky if that lasts a week. Agree with you on the Iceberg. if Fred had his way, that’s what would be in the fridg for both salads and sandwich garnish. Crunch is about the only good thing about it. Although I do have a recipe for a simple salad that’s garnished with mandarin oranges and silvered almonds that have been toasted in a pan with sugar, that calls for 1/2 iceberg, 1/2 romaine, and the crunch is almost mandatory for that one. Otherwise, romaine is the fridg staple for sandwiches and baby greens for salads.


    • judilyn says:

      Our dressing is a tart honey/mustard/citrus vinegar and just a few drops seems to be enough. I tried making more at a time, but it would last just too long, getting a bit long in the tooth before being used up.

      Special tip: I use olive oil in the dressing and it gets sort of hard in the refrigerator, so when I start making lunch, I take the bottle of dressing out of the refrigerator and put it into a mug of warm water to get it to room temperature. I wouldn’t want to repeat this for a really long time, so another reason to make it up in small batches. Takes only a couple of minutes to make it.


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