Barley “Rice Pudding” – in the extreme

obliterated barley

This deliciousness went beyond wonderful – totally scrumptious! For the “nearly naked” version from yesterday, see:

For this company-appropriate dessert, I left off the maple syrup and nutmeg, and added a light homemade orange marmalade, garam masala, and . . . dried cranberries! I was too lazy to scurry about in the freezer to find the sliced almonds, but will keep that in mind for the next version.

If you aren’t fond of yogurt, don’t have any, or think it would be too tart – try a dollop of sour cream, Mexican Crema, or whipped cream cheese. Use whatever appeals to you at the moment! Bet you can think of dozens of other ways to build this dish, making it a breakfast, a snack, a light dessert, or a sinful one! Could even be done as a parfait!


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3 Responses to Barley “Rice Pudding” – in the extreme

  1. Tammy says:

    Yum! Are you gluten free?


  2. IRENA says:

    Looks like a light and wonderful spring breakfast! With yogurt…


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