How to Build a Tostada Fabulosa

tostada at step one

DH LOVES tostadas, so I make them often. They don’t always have exactly the same ingredients, but this is an example of what I happened to have on hand that particular day.

First, a crispy tostada shell, slathered with really spicy taco meat made to your taste, sprinkled with grated cheese while the meat is still hot, if possible, and then sprinkled with scallions.

tostada at step two

Next step is to add roasted red and green peppers during pepper season. Sad to say, that I resort to the jarred peppers during the off times, but they are still good.

tostada complete

On the top goes whatever you have on hand to finish it off. This one had some Romaine leaves, homemade yogurt, black olives, and after the picture was snapped, some pico de gallo.

Other additions/substitutions can be regular or refried beans on the bottom layer, other leftover meat bits, different greens, guacamole, etc.. The choice is yours, and there are so many choices. Be creative and then enjoy your creations! ;->


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2 Responses to How to Build a Tostada Fabulosa

  1. Bev says:

    That beady-eyed face with the bright red lips looks good enough to eat! (Did you notice that your last photo is a face?)


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