Window to the Past

Fairbank Window - 5-09-13

Once in a while I get unchained from the kitchen and venture out with my camera. Last Thursday a small group of “photo phanatics” drove over to a nearby ghost town for a couple of hours of living in the past.

This is Fairbank, a once thriving “town” about ten miles away from our house. My friend, Beverly, takes much better pictures than I do, and you can see her photo from that day at:

Be sure to go see it – totally worth the trip!


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5 Responses to Window to the Past

  1. Bev says:

    Hey, I like that… that window has character! Thanks for the link to my blog, but so far I have only the one photo posted from that day! Anyone interested can subscribe to the blog to receive updates, or they can check my San Pedro photo gallery (which has only two photos right now, but you’ve put the pressure on me to add more real soon! Many more galleries are there, as well.)


    • judilyn says:

      You can post the one of the line of stores. That is a great photo!


      • Bev says:

        I will! It will be in tomorrow’s blog and in the San Pedro gallery tonight. … By the way, I received email notification that you replied. Yay! I just checked the two mystery checkboxes at the bottom of my reply. They aren’t labeled with anything, but I knew one of them had to be for email notification.


  2. Linda says:

    Your window is beautiful!


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