CARBONARA is a generic term that we use for any dish that has myriad stir fried vegetables, a bit of meat and/or cheese, and is served over pasta. This kale looked so wonderful, particularly after it was cooked, that I couldn’t resist giving it its own name!

We’ve been experimenting with infused vinegars and oils from a specialty shop nearby and are very pleased with the results. It is amazing how few drops of either it takes to make a salad sing, or to add a fillip to just about anything on our plates.

The big thrill yesterday was to put a few drops of Espresso Balsamic on a bit of cheesecake that a neighbor had given us. Beyond delicious.

See: http://www.houseofschade.com

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8 Responses to Kale-bonara

  1. Jo Wishnie says:

    That Espresso Balsamic sounds wonderful.


  2. Tammy says:

    Espresso balsamic sounds amazing. I have some chocolate balsamic that I bought in Cottonwood.


  3. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    L0ve your postings! The last dish looked really good. I love the Vinegars and Olive Oils from the nearby shop also a shop in Tubac that is now selling on the main st in Tombstone. MMM!!


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