Birthday Cows

birthday - 5-31-13 copy

It was a real treat today to have the cows wander by during the bright sun time of the day . . . they usually come at dusk, making photographing them less than optimal.

I fancy that this one is singing “Happy Birthday” to me!

Click to see a larger view!

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7 Responses to Birthday Cows

  1. Peggy Bohler says:

    Happy birthday!


  2. Liz says:

    Is it your birthday? if it is then wish you a very happy birthday . Hope you enjoyed the day and have a pleasant week!


  3. No, no, that’s ME singing “Happy Birthday.” Happy Birthday MOOO MOOO! Happy Birthday MOOO MOOO! Happy Birthday, dear MOOOdie, Happy Birthday Mooo Mooooooo!


  4. Haven’t been online for a few days. Happy Birthday Judy just a little late.


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