He’ll Be a Bull Someday

baby cow_bull

Just at “pretty light” time yesterday, four or five adults and two precious babies came to see what succulent cactus might be available to them. The mesquite trees are producing some seed pods now, too, so they are apparently quite a draw as well.

I snapped and snapped – until the light went away. Check out the spot of fading sunlight on his rump, and the fly on his nose. Click the picture to see more clearly.

A pyrrhuloxia flitted in and out in the bushes in front of my lens, too, but he’ll show up on a separate blog in a few days.

About judilyn

RV'er, foody, caregiver, knowledge seeker
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2 Responses to He’ll Be a Bull Someday

  1. TexCyn says:

    He is so cute! And that’s no bull! (on the remark that is)


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