Guero – The After-Dinner Cat (nap)

Guero - after dinner snooze

This is the most beautiful cat I think I’ve ever seen. I took this picture at the home of the campground owner at the Birdwatcher RV Park in Bosque del Apache, near Socorro, New Mexico, in 2003. He was part Ragdoll and part Rascal! So soft and lovable – not fully grown yet.

If you pet him with your mouse, he will fill your screen!

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6 Responses to Guero – The After-Dinner Cat (nap)

  1. He looks just like our Max! Except, Annie just had Max shaved, so now Max just looks silly.


  2. Liz says:

    The colour of that ginger cat is so unique. Never seen one like that before. I love cats. i have a ginger one but not that tone!


  3. bevparks says:

    Beautiful Kitty! He looks like a Maine coon (breed). My friend Darla adopted an adult cat last year that looks just like this guy. In fact, when I saw this pic I thought to myself, “where did you get a picture of Alvin?”


    • judilyn says:

      I wasn’t familiar with Maine Coons, other than an RV friend from years ago had one that I never saw, but in looking at images on the net, they look to be B – I – G cats! Guero was more of a normally-sized cat, but with the Ragdoll “limpness”, and rascally temperament.


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