Pizza – Spur of the Moment

pizza - 6-19-13

I started a batch of dough with the thought of making a cinnamon swirl loaf and a batch of seedy buns, but then decided to use one half of the dough for a quick lunch pizza.

Spicy red pepper jarred pasta sauce, mozzarella, grilled red peppers, Mexican scallions, mushrooms, hot Italian sausage, milder Arizona sausage, and roasted Mexican chile peppers topped it off.

It was delicious!


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6 Responses to Pizza – Spur of the Moment

  1. Ronit Penso says:

    I was wondering about the Mexican scallions – are they very different from any other?


    • judilyn says:

      Yes, a bit. They are much more bulbous at the bottom, instead of being only slightly larger than the green part. With both regular scallions and these lovely Mexican ones, I use the whole of it, not just the white part. I don’t care for raw onions of any kind, so I can’t tell you how they are different in taste. When asking DH, I got an answer that said they are stronger in some ways, and milder in others. I love onions cooked, and they were splendid on the pizza. Sometimes I mix them in with ground meat to make burgers – doing that tonight – and then top them off with a huge slice of thick, juicy fresh tomato. The seedy buns are in the oven at this very moment to have wrapped around the burgers. If they are photo worthy – you will see them tomorrow.


  2. Ronit Penso says:

    I love onions too, that’s why I got extra curious about these. I’ll look for them, maybe in the farmers market they’ll have them.
    Thanks for the education. It’s great there’s always something else to learn about food, no matter how long you’ve been in the kitchen.

    Enjoy your dinner. 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      I looked on Google Images, but it took a lot of scrolling to find some pictures of them. Mostly regular scallions are shown. Mexican scallions are the ones with the bulbous end, and the slightly thicker green “stem”. They are easy to chop up and keep in a glass storage container to sprinkle here and there on food. One of them cut up produces almost a cup of shreds.


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