The Tale of Two Eggs (Roadrunners)


It has been an exciting week in the roadrunner world in our backyard.

About a week ago, an egg appeared in the nest built a few months ago. Then we saw what we presumed was the immature female from the nestlings that came from that nest. We figured that she was mature enough to produce an egg, but not mature enough to know what to do about it.

A day or two later, another egg appeared. Still no attention from any adults. During the previous incubation, the nest was NEVER left alone during the egg period, so it is unlikely that these eggs have any viability at all.

Fast forward several days . . . still no sign of any adult roadrunners. Three mornings ago, very early – just barely light time – DH was standing groggily at the kitchen sink and spotted what appeared to be a severely injured roadrunner – one wing dragging, blotchy marks on her side, and one foot held up when hopping off.

G L O O M !

We’ve kept a semi vigil, hoping to see some sign that our baby is still with us, but, alas . . . It was not to be.

BUT – only moments ago, I heard the distinctive clattering sound and raced to the kitchen window. AND THERE SHE WAS! Although clearly not putting her right foot down for transporting herself, she is able to scurry pretty quickly.

What I saw this morning was the male (Lazarus) with a lizard in his mouth, trying to get close enough to the female to give it to her. She was having none of it, though, and they both took off into the underbrush where we could no longer see them.

About ten minutes later, I saw the female (now named Hoppy) in the yard. She hopped up onto the rail of the fence, but had difficulty balancing, and quickly hopped down into the open alley area, and scurried down the alley.

But now we are assured that there are at least two roadrunners extant. Don’t know if this is the original pair, or some combination of parent and baby.

More as it happens!

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12 Responses to The Tale of Two Eggs (Roadrunners)

  1. nm2fl says:

    Wow, how amazing to get to watch this struggle in nature! Thanks for sharing it!


  2. Dale Ellis says:

    I think you are having too much fun!


  3. Saunter says:

    Great storytelling. I hope they return and she survives her injured foot.


  4. dreamjosie says:



  5. Bev says:

    Great story of survival! Hope it continues… happily and not gloomily!


  6. gypsy97 says:

    I sure hope she heals and can at least take care of herself.


    • judilyn says:

      Haven’t seen any of the roadrunners for over a week, but that isn’t unusual. They disappear for long periods of time, and the monsoons are here, so there are more food opportunities in the huge open area behind the house, most of which is out of my sight. The jackrabbits are nowhere to be seen, either. Probably the same reason. We’ve seen two cottontails over the last few days, though, so maybe they take turns.


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