Happy Juice

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SWEET ! ! !

This is really good juice! Even the picture on the label makes me smile.

I put orange juice into my cereal, but otherwise drink very little juice of any kind. I’d rather crunch and chew, so juice doesn’t cut it for me. Too many calories for not nearly sufficient a mouth work out.

Grabbed a bottle of this one day when it was on sale and used it like orange juice. It was good, but just too sweet. As a refreshing afternoon treat, I tried it mixed half and half with carrot juice, but still too sweet. I didn’t buy any more of it – not because it wasn’t good – it REALLY IS! But I just can’t manage sweets, I guess.

But I was thinking for folks who like to drink soda pop, this might be a really good substitute for the completely empty calories in those cans. If it is too sweet to drink straight, mixing it with some amount of water might provide a completely satisfactory substitute for any non-nutritive drink.

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11 Responses to Happy Juice

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I bet it would be good mixed with a tart lemonade.


  2. Dale Ellis says:

    I would like the “not from concentrate” part. I’ve not seen it here, but it does sound good.


  3. Holly Knott says:

    I’ve seen those so it’s good to read your review. I like sweets but I like my drinks to not be too sweet. Maybe mixing it with seltzer or club soda? (I’m never sure of the difference between the two…)


  4. Bev says:

    That flavor combination sounds like it would be really good! I’ll have to try that.


  5. Liz says:

    Sounds good, if only we had something similar here. I would just mix it with some water and drink it. I do that all the time when I find juice too sweet. It does the trick!


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