Egg Addendum

Want a quick, nutritious, satisfying, delicious lunch but don’t have the time to fuss? Here’s where a little eight-inch skillet comes into play to solve your problem.

What you need:

Some leftover something – this is Judie-A-Roni, but a leftover potato, some rice???
An egg – or two or three – depending on how hungry you are
Some fruit – not shown – pick what you like, but be sure to eat some fruit!


Put the little non-stick skillet on a burner on medium high heat until it is hot, drop in a bit of coconut oil, and heat up the starchy part. When it is hot, turn the burner down to “egg”, and plop in your egg(s), or whatever bit of protein you are using, and let it set on the bottom. When it is almost done, spray a bit of water on the top of the whole thing, and put a lid on it to steam cook the top of the egg.

I like a runny yolk, which makes a bit of “sauce”, but not everyone does, so cook to your own taste. No need to flip the egg; it should cook sufficiently from the steam.

Alternate: Scramble the egg and mix it in for “Fried Rice”, tossing in bits of leftover veggies.

As you might imagine, there are a bazillion different combinations of ingredients to quickly make this filling meal, using up bits of leftovers that might otherwise feed the disposer.

The picture shows this meal still in the frying pan because I wanted to show you this nifty little pan. The brand is called Aeternum, and I found it hanging on a peg at the grocery store. I’m saving up to get another one because it is just great. I use these little pans to create meals like this and to just reheat food instead of using a microwave.

If you see one in the store, put back a piece of meat from your cart and grab it. You’ll be so pleased at its utility.

And, no, this isn’t a paid advertisement. I don’t even know who makes it other than the name I mention above – Aeternum.


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5 Responses to Egg Addendum

  1. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    WELL JUDI you sold me I am going to get one of those pans!! I love shredded potatoes and eggs cooked like you do. MMMM ! I also cook an egg like that then put a handful of shredded cheese on top and either eat it like that or put it on a Whole wheat English Muffin for a breakfast sandwich. I only eat meat a couple times a week anymore more veggies. And more Fruit smoothies with Yogurt in it so I eat fruit. Such a change in menue!!


    • judilyn says:

      Congratulations, Shirley! I am proud of you. Don’t you feel a lot better?

      I got the pan at Fry’s a few weeks ago – in the housewares section by the sushi bar area. Just be careful not to heat it to the smoking point. It cooks beautifully with a lot less heat than you would expect.


  2. Liz says:

    Haha I didn’t even think about paid adverts, now you made me think about it..LOL. Egg is a favourite of mine, and since I am so meat-minded I sometimes throw in some corned beef, very salty, unhealthy but tasty. I haven’t eaten corned beef in a while though. That looks like a great way of finishing left overs. Thanks for sharing and now time to do those little exercises I promised to do. Have a pleasant day!


  3. andybaird1 says:

    I’ve had one of these 8″ Bialetti Aeternum pans for about three months, and have been very pleased with it. It’s made of very thick aluminum compared to typical sauté pans, which means it has excellent heat distribution and very even cooking–scorching is much less likely than with thinner pans. And the “nano-ceramic” nonstick coating always wipes perfectly clean with just a damp paper towel. I use an 8″ sauté pan several times a week, so this one is getting a good workout, and so far I’ve found nothing to complain about.


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