Poor Little Sausage

poor little sausage


A little-known (in the United States, anyway) and short-lived British comedy show from 2009-ish was called “Reggie Perrin”, and starred Martin Clunes, who you may know better as “Doc Martin”. In this show, Martin Clunes has some of the same characteristics that we have come to know and love from Doc Martin, but in a different presentation – entirely!

Another character was Sue, the “Wellness Person”, who appeared in small snippets in each episode. Her part was endearing, as was the lady who played the part, but could become wearisome if overdone. But overall, she was a real treasure. One of her most common phrases of consolation was “poor little sausage”.

The moment I saw this jackrabbit trying to hide out from the imminent thunder and lightning storm, I knew the title of this piece.

He was happily munching on some plants in the walkway in the back when the thunder started to rumble in the Huachucas. (Huachuca means Thunder Mountain in Apache.) He paid that little mind until the lightning strikes came closer and closer, and the thunder was louder and louder.

As the oversized raindrops began to pelt him from all directions, he ran to the right side of the dead hanging branches at the base of the yucca where you see him above. The wind began to pick up, and roared in from west to east, driving the raindrops sideways, and giving him a good drenching. He moved around to the left side of the sheltered area, and when the wind slowed down, and the rain was coming more straight down again, he moved to the front, where you see him above, jiggling his hindquarters back into the cover as far as he could. He then just waited it out, looking so forlorn. I wished I could have just gone out and scooped him up to hide out on our deck until the storm passed.

If you click on the picture, let it load, and then click again, it will get big enough for you to see what I perceive as quite a lot of concern, if not downright terror, in those cute little button eyes. The sun came out and it got quite warm, so I’m sure he dried out successfully. This probably was not his first rainstorm! He soon hopped away to continue with his daily doings.

Since that stretch of about five miles of open land between here and the mountains is covered with all sorts of flora at this time of year, we don’t have as many takers for our animal watering hole, although the jackrabbits and the roadrunners seem to be our best customers.

The water is refreshed daily from our drip system, so there is always fresh water available, day or night, for any passing animal traveler.


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4 Responses to Poor Little Sausage

  1. Kit says:

    That is one wet wabbit!


    • judilyn says:

      Haven’t seen him since that day, but, as noted, they don’t come around as much this time of year. I guess they only love us for our water provisioning! ;-> But, hey, that’s enough for me!


  2. gypsy97 says:

    Aw, what a poor baby. He does look a bit stressed.


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