Sneeze ‘n’ Cheese

sneeze n cheeze

DH loves roasted Hatch chilis. Our local ethnic grocery store has them pre-roasted, but they are usually sold out by the time I get there. (Yes, I’m going to try again tomorrow!) The ones you see in the picture are ones that allowed me to sneeze a bazillion times, with the corollary benefit that my sinuses are totally cleaned out. I opened the kitchen windows and aimed a separate fan from the stove to the window, and ran the exhaust fan . . . but it was no contest. The chilis won again.

We had something of an emergency this evening, so the time I usually spend cooking was taken up with dashing to the other end of town. When we got home, we decided it was appropriate for us to have the “Breakfast for Dinner” menu.

The eggs were really super big, and the poaching rendered them perfect to go with the Cheddar, pepper, and Mexican scallion-enhanced polenta. Next time, I think I will go with spinach to accompany this dish!


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7 Responses to Sneeze ‘n’ Cheese

  1. Dale says:

    I roast the chilis on my gas grill ouside. A charcoal grill would work well too.


    • judilyn says:

      I’ve done that, too – ONCE. But firing up the grill is a major production because we don’t use it routinely. Our new house came with a giant grill on the deck, but in the three years we’ve owned the house, we have used it zero times. There are two five-gallon tanks there, but not hooked up. I always think I can get away with doing it in the house by keeping the cover on the pan, but am wrong every single time. Not too bright, eh?


      • Dale says:

        I grill almost daily, year around. I have a very small one for use in the LD, but it hasn’t been used yet this year. Something like that might work for you.


  2. Kit says:

    Looks absolutely delish!!!!!


  3. Liz says:

    That meal looks delicious minus the chilli for me please! thanks for sharing! wish you a wonderful weekend!


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