A Fungus Among Us

fungus amongus

At first, when it was much smaller, we thought this was a present from the javelina that frequent this area under the oak tree. They are quite fond of the acorns that litter the ground at certain times of the year. The pictures on the blog of the javelinas were almost all taken whilst they rooted for goodies under that tree. But the javelinas have not been in the yard, that we’ve seen anyway, for several months.

BUT, as the weeks have passed, this item has grown in size, and you can see at the base where it has just pushed up through the ground. We are guessing it is some sort of fungus, but no one who has seen it really knows anything about it.

What is strange is that our “yard” is totally covered, back and front, with heavy black plastic, which is then covered with the small rocks that you see in all my yard pictures, so there really is not a lot of contact with soil, which is mostly caliche, anyway.



There are no doubt plenty of holes in the black plastic, but this seems pretty extraordinary to me! I left the little weed there to keep it company, and the sprinkler head to make sure it had sufficient water to be happy!

Anyone have any ideas about this fascinating “thing”?

Click once, let it load; then click again, and you will be up close and personal to see its variety of colors.


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12 Responses to A Fungus Among Us

  1. Jan says:

    Think I would have a horticulturist take a look at it. I have seen many fungus but never one like this, be careful of handleing until you know what it is and if poisonous.


  2. Bev says:

    Believe it or not, it might be something called “dog turd fungus.” Well, that seems to be a common name for this fungus:



  3. andrea says:

    Obviously an alien dropped from a mothership recently. 🙂


  4. Kit says:

    I give it a month. . .at which point, this alien growth will have encompassed your entire house. . .in a year, the entire town of Sierra Vista! Aieeeee!!!


  5. dreamjosie says:

    Yes, alien was going to be m guess too. Beware!


  6. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    I don’t have plastic covering my yard under the gravel and I have those things coming up , too. Seems they like all our rain! LOVE your pictures !!


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