Real Men Don’t Eat Fruit & Fresh Paper

fruit camera pro

I’ve heard this old saw right in my own home, but in recent years it has changed to “What? Only four different fruits for my cereal this morning?”. I’ve created a monster!

You’ll recognize the items in the bowl, but what is Fresh Paper?

We eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, but no, we aren’t vegans, or even vegetarians. Actually, just about no food is safe from my kitchen knife! I buy a fair amount of produce at one time because I am too lazy to go to the store very often, but have in the past had some difficulty with spoilage. UNTIL . . . along came Fresh Paper.

I don’t do endorsements on this blog – mostly because no one has ever asked – but what I want to make clear is that there is no commercial reason for me to plug this product. It just works – and it works amazingly well. Lately, I have been buying FOUR boxes of raspberries at a time, and you know how vulnerable they are. We eat half a box a day, and I did not need to throw out even one berry in the eight days that they were in the refrigerator. This is a real record!

I can’t recommend this product highly enough. I hate waste, but with this addition, I have thrown out very little spoiled produce. It still happens occasionally, but usually because I have been remiss in putting a paper in the bag with the produce, or it got shoved to the back of the refrigerator after a meal as leftovers, and never saw the light of day again – until it was too late!

I cut each sheet into eight pieces, and each piece can be used for as long as there is still the aroma of maple to it.

Give it a try. Hopefully you will be as astounded as we are!


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27 Responses to Real Men Don’t Eat Fruit & Fresh Paper

  1. Tasty Eats Ronit Penso says:

    Sound great. I usually wrap everything in my fridge in paper towels and it really helps keep produce live longer, but not as long as you describe, so I will check this product. Thanks for sharing.


    • judilyn says:

      True, but these little papers take the place of the paper towels, and don’t require the introduction of water to whatever you are keeping them in. For loose things in the veggie bin, just toss one straight in there. Even celery stays crisp. I was blown away!


  2. Dale says:

    As a household of one, I would love to retard produce spoilage. I will order the trial size right away. Thanks, Judie.


    • judilyn says:

      Other similarly-sized household of my acquaintance have given it a total thumbs up to cut down on waste, and keep things edible nearly indefinitely. Well, within reason, of course. I’m sure you will be pleased. I’ve been using them since last October, so they’ve had a fair trial in this household. I used them extensively when we were out in the motorhome last fall. Really great, since the nearest grocery store was 70+ miles round trip away! I keep so much produce around in the motorhome that it takes a huge Coleman Five-Day cooler in the van to store it all! Bulky, but worth its weight in gold. I keep a layer of four half-gallon containers of ice along the bottom, use Reflectix generously, and change out one or two of the containers of ice each day, refreezing them in the regular freezer in the motorhome. I stored Gary’s huge supply of chocolate in there, too! ;->


      • Dale says:

        I wasn’t even thinking about the RV, just at home, but I can certainly see the benefit in the RV as well. Especially since I would expect to mostly boondock. And I do love fresh fruits and veggies!

        I did order the “starter” pack. I wonder if Sprouts carry them, since they are a part of Whole Foods? I will have to check that possibility.


  3. Jan says:

    Do you have a Whole Foods close by? Or do you order off line?


  4. LFFL says:

    Beautiful fruit bowl there!


  5. Jan says:

    Oh yea as quickly as fruits and veggies go bad here they are a must use, the WF i have gone to since moving her 4 years ago closed 8-4 so will order off line also.


  6. Dale says:

    I was so interested in the Fresh Paper, that I forgot to comment on the great fruit. You managed to include three of my favorites. I like the fourth, but not as well. Can you guess which is which?


  7. Jan says:

    I have a Sprouts across the street and will check that out tomorrow and come back here and post my findings.


  8. Bev says:

    It’s a great product! I’ve been using it for quite a while now. I wouldn’t describe the smell as maple. To me, it has more of an herbal smell.


  9. Liz says:

    “Dryer Sheet for Produce!” indeed. At first I thought I would need to wrap it, but now ! see the concept is really simple. Throw it into my fruit and veggies compartment. How convenient. I’ll check it out at my local Whole Foods..thanks for this brilliant idea. Maybe I can start buying raspberries again!


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