Mediterranean Pizza

This is the final appearance of this delicious pizza du jour.

espinaca completed

A new pizza surprised us for lunch today. Not sure what to call it. Here’s what I used: slow sauteed Vidalia onions with tarragon, the last of the breast meat from a roasted chicken, Muenster cheese, lots of freshly-ground lemon pepper, and a good sprinkling of smoked paprika for color and a subtle flavor. It looked like the picture below when I put it into the oven, and like the picture above when I took it out, and had added fresh spinach leaves, a wee bit of Mexican salsa, and freshly-grated Parmesan cheese shreds. The bigger pieces of Parmesan have more oomph than the finely-grated kind.

I used more of the spinach leaves and some diced fresh tomatoes for a side salad.

Quite delicious!

espincaca prebake

The seedy buns that I made with the rest of the dough are spectacular in their own right today.

But, gosh, am I tired. Time for a nap! ;->

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2 Responses to Mediterranean Pizza

  1. Me says:

    Boy, this looks delicious…making me hungry!


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