Seven Scaled Quail

Scaled quail

Mostly we have Gambel’s Quail that migrate through here, but recently there has been a fairly good-sized crop of Scaled Quail hanging about in the back. They make an entirely different sound from the Gambel’s, and seem much less organized. They squawk and race around like their little internal GPS units are on the fritz, whereas the Gambel’s seem orderly and have it together.

The Scaled Quail family made an appearance yesterday, and totally lived up to their image. They were all over the yard next door, then migrated to our back yard, then over the fence into the open area.

By this time, I had managed to get my photography self out onto the deck. But they saw me, and all dived into the cover of the overgrown areas at the bases of the mesquite trees. Once in a while one would pop out, and I’d snap a picture. Since none came to any harm from that snapping sound, they finally decided that it was safe to continue their journey down the alley. So they popped out a few at a time. There must have been about a dozen of them, but at least ten were rowdy toddlers, and just ran helter skelter in all directions. There was much clucking to get them all back in line . . . and away they went, totally out of my sight.

So the above picture is the best I could do. If you enlarge it (click once, let it load, then click again), you will see that a couple of the adolescents look just like the human adolescents we see on the streets, i.e. Mohawk haircuts and an attitude! ;->

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9 Responses to Seven Scaled Quail

  1. Kit says:

    Scaled Quail. . .learn something new every day. . .

    Nice pic!

    Maybe the deal is that they each are looking in a different direction for danger. . .?



  2. Dale Ellis says:

    I see they have very different head feathers. Less formal looking.


  3. Dale says:

    I sent a comment via email, but it isn’t here. It was that their top-knot, or head feathers, are different from the Gambel’s. Less formal looking.


    • judilyn says:

      They look quite a lot different in the way they walk, and how they cluster when they move from place to place. And they sound entirely different when they chatter amongst themselves.


  4. dawnbmoore says:

    My husband, who grew up in southeastern Arizona, knows the Seven Scaled Quail as Blue Quail. He says you see fewer of them than Gambrel’s Quail, “they’re kind of reclusive, their main defense is to run & not to fly unlike most other quail, and they just don’t socialize much with people like Gambrel’s Quail do.” He remembers that Gambrel’s Quail would come to bird feeders, “even in town.” I think you must’ve been pretty fortunate to have seen Seven Scaled Quail.


  5. dawnbmoore says:

    Correction–Gambel’s Quail!


    • rita says:

      sure do miss my back yard there wish i was still there but it cant be undone so I am making the best of it, I miss my back yard and miss being near a town looks like you really have gotten a lot of joy from your birds


      • judilyn says:

        Hi Rita – I wish you could be here, too. The little rock squirrel is still around, but he is pretty wild. Not tame at all. He and the roadrunner were having a set to in your yard the other day, and I think the roadrunner won that round. I didn’t see the squirrel for several days after that, but he showed up yesterday. I put out the breakfast fruit trimmings on the deck where I see him sometimes, and they disappear, so maybe he is dining here again.


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