Mushroom Soup and Friends


We had been in town at a doctor appointment and arrived home starving. This taste treat took no more than fifteen minutes – start to finish. Can you get food that is this good at a drive-through? We weren’t even tempted to stop on the way home.

Today we had some of the rest of the soup with pot roast, wild rice, and white rice added, along with a ladle full of chicken broth that is brewing in the Crock-Pot. There is still enough left to stretch it for another lunch.

Homemade bread, a slab of cheese melted on top with sliced tomatoes on top, and a Romaine salad with more tomatoes, and homemade sesame/ginger/hoisin dressing rounded out the meal.


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4 Responses to Mushroom Soup and Friends

  1. That soup looks outstanding. Made me go search out a vegan cream of mushroom soup recipe.


    • judilyn says:

      It was delicious. Easy enough to do vegan. I used beef broth, but you could use veggie broth and color it with some strong coffee, or instant coffee flakes, if you want it to be brown. Slowly sauté some sweet onions in coconut oil for extra flavor.


  2. jackkjax007 says:

    That bread looks amazing! I’m so hungry now…


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