Bachelor Bob

Bachelor Bob

Click, click . . . My camera was whirling like a dervish this morning. Until I can get them all sorted, here is one that I like. Please meet Bachelor Bob. We call him that because he sits on a post somewhere and makes a special call that we interpret as trolling for a mate. He gave only a few calls, but we have heard it go on for HOURS! Who could resist that jaunty look?

There was a whole tribe of these guys, and I am trying to formulate a good story about what they are doing. It involves a pretty girl and three guys!

Also out this morning were some finches, the roadrunner, mockingbirds, at least one woodpecker, some cactus wrens, the playful thrasher babies that you will hear about in a few days, some happy yellow flowers, and a butterfly.

The beautiful mountains are “out” this morning, too, with their topknots of fluffy clouds. It is a gorgeous scene at this time of year – everything is so green, and the temperature barely clears 80 degrees during the hottest part of the day.

It’s a wonderful time to be alive! ;->


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6 Responses to Bachelor Bob

  1. TexCyn says:

    Y’know Judie, you guys don’t have to travel. Nature always seems to come to your back door! Love the photo.


  2. Craig Sheumaker says:

    What a handsome fellow…and an exceptional portrait. Maybe you should offer to set him up on

    Craig Sheumaker 916-601-5007


  3. Liz says:

    I woud love Bachelor Bob. Is he looking as far as Canada? tell him to send me a picture LOL. What a lucky girl to have three whole guys to chose from… it can be a blessing as well as a curse to have a wide choice. You are indeed enjoying life. Life is really what we make it. Have a wonderful weekend!


    • judilyn says:

      I am working on the next post about the quail. They gave me a real show, and a good story. Unfortunately they were in the shade in most of the pictures. Stay tuned! And, yes, I love life! So much to do; so little time.


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