Quail Courting Game

Like the Scaled Quail the other day, these Gambel’s Quail took refuge in the bushes at the base of the mesquite trees. They aren’t as skittery, though, so I was able to get more pictures of them. They insisted on hanging out in the shade, mostly, making it difficult to get all the pictures to be compatible.

Six guys and a gal were all milling around. Presume this is a birdy singles bar of some sort.

6 boys; 1 girl quail.blog

A few of the guys moved on to greener pastures, leaving these three to huddle together to decide how to court the one female to the advantage of all.

3 boys huddled, 1 girl quail.blog

One decides to take the lead.

3 boys; one starting out.blog

He looks quite confident, taking big strides, and moving right along towards the female.

1 boy strutting alone.blog

Alas, when he gets there, he finds that she has gone home and her three uncles are taking names and checking credentials and qualifications of would-be suitors.

3 boys surrounding 1 girl quail.blog


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6 Responses to Quail Courting Game

  1. rita says:

    great pictures


    • judilyn says:

      Thanks, Rita. Wish you could be here to see everything. We are having a lot of fun with the wildlife and flowers. Your house is still empty most of the time. It’s been a great summer, weatherwise. The air conditioner hasn’t been on for about two weeks.


  2. Bev says:

    Great picture story!


  3. bethbyrnes says:

    Simply delightful and what incredible photographs!


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