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Walmart made itself a new building, and the old one stayed vacant for quite a while, but earlier this month Hobby Lobby opened a store there – and today we visited it. Oooooooh – fabrics – I haven’t been able to browse through a fabric store for about thirty years. AND I heard a rumor that Joann Fabrics will be opening in October. I may have to unpack my sewing machine!

What does this have to do with a giant grasshopper? Well, when we came out of Hobby Lobby, this little guy was sitting on the windshield wiper right in front of my eyes, so naturally, out came the iPhone. We were going on to Lowe’s, and he said that was fine with him, so he went with us. When we got there, we removed him gently and placed him in a decorative berm where there was plenty of grassiness for him to recover in and make a new home.

He is even more beautiful if you click once on the picture, wait for it to load, and then click again.

Never mind that DH was nearly run over by a huge diesel truck as he was walking to the release area!

But all is well that ends well, and now my bread dough has risen and it is time to make more seedy buns!

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12 Responses to Hobby Lobby Hopper

  1. Linda says:

    Judi – You take amazing photographs! I particularly enjoy the ones involving nature. Keep up the good work… Linda


    • judilyn says:

      Thanks! ;->. This guy just seemed to be waiting for me. He stayed there throughout the ride to Lowe’s, so I humored him and took an additional portrait of him before we moved him to the safe house!


  2. Bev says:

    Hobby Lobby Horse Lubber! (That’s what he is, a horse lubber grasshopper.) 🙂


  3. LFFL says:

    That thing looks HUGE in that shot.


  4. K says:

    Oh, the irony of it all! To be so kind as to rescue and release a bug only to almost get squashed like one. . .sigh



  5. great capture! thanks for following my blog!


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