Birder King

All was peaceful this morning, and we were enjoying a number of migratory birds flashing through the area. I guess the news of the water pond is on their grapevine somehow, and they stop here to fuel up on their way.

We were seeing woodpeckers, pyrrhuloxia, thrashers, and a few others that we non-birders couldn’t identify, all happily co-existing in the trees and bushes.

But then . . . First a cactus wren flew right through us on the deck to land in the big hedge. Then the squirrel scampered across the yard, over his drinking fountain, and quickly disappeared into his “safe house” under the workshop. Then a big flapping noise, and about half a dozen doves made a hasty exit from the ash tree.

Here’s why:

hawk looking down

As usual, I had to take pictures through the kitchen window, lest I spook the subject, so – less than ideal. He must have heard the shutter anyway, because I got this threatening glare.

hawk looking back

“One more click, and I’m gonna come over there and rip your eyes out”, he seemed to be saying!

But instead, he took his leave and flew over the house and out into the complex. I hope everyone has their small dogs inside right now!

Back in March, such a bird posed more willingly for me.

I have no way of knowing if it is the same bird, but I’m pretty sure it is at least the same kind of hawk. He must have been a lot hungrier this morning, because he didn’t hang around for long.

Check out his formidable talons by clicking the picture once, letting it load and then clicking again.

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6 Responses to Birder King

  1. Dale says:

    That back color sure looks like a Cooper’s hawk to me.


  2. judilyn says:

    They have a pinkish belly, so maybe that is what this fellow is. He sure took over the neighborhood in a hurry.


  3. Craig says:

    The other was a Red-Tail, but this one looks a little different. For one thing I don’t see the rusty red tail. Was he really as blue as he appears on the photo?


  4. Bev says:

    Cooper’s hawk is my best guess on this one, as well. My second guess would be Sharp-shinned hawk. The one from March was a Red-tailed hawk.


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