My First Canyon Towhee

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I had no idea what this bird was, but he was looking really cold. The sun was shining very brightly, but the temperature was only about forty degrees. He found this sheltered niche, fluffed up his feathers, and blinked a bit in the sun until he warmed up. He obligingly remained in this position long enough for me to grab my camera, but shooting through double-paned glass never produces the clear shots desired.

Recently I joined two Facebook pages about birds and have been learning a lot, as well as very much enjoying the wonderful photographs posted by the dedicated people who spend time waiting for these glorious creatures to look their best.

I posted a photo of my mystery bird to the Facebook groups and had an answer very soon. This gave me a name to look up to see other pictures of the Canyon Towhee. We have long had the Audubon hard-cover books, and now a plethora of bird apps for the iOS devices, so I was able to fire up the iPad and see pictures, and hear the song and call, of the Canyon Towhee.

I have especially enjoyed seeing the many pictures of egrets that are posted in the group. The ones in flight are particularly stunning as the sun produces interesting visuals. They are so graceful, and so many of the photographers have provided studio-quality pictures, quite worthy of hanging. The white egrets on a dark background are just breath taking.

We have a lot of animals and birds that frequent our yard and the hundreds of acres of open land behind our house, so I am lucky enough to have many opportunities to observe a fair amount of wildlife. In fact, yesterday a pair of coyotes went by just about this time of the morning, and just now a female trotted by. They may have been together again today, but when I looked up from my computer, I caught just the last glimpse of her trotting off to my right and out of sight. Yesterday they were going in the opposite direction, so I guess the party is over and they are coming back now! ;->

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12 Responses to My First Canyon Towhee

  1. I had to get out my Birds of Arizona Field Guide to see if I’ve checked off the box for Canyon Towhee, and I have! I have to admit, once I click the photo and post it and check off the box in the Field Guide, unless it’s a spectacular bird, I forget I’ve seen them. I’d love the links to the Facebook groups you joined. Any chance you’ll share those?


  2. Tammy says:

    I think the shot is remarkably clear for shooting it thru a window. it is a titmouse?


  3. Clanmother says:

    A great capture!!! 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      That was an easy one! He was too cold to fly away, I think. “Cold” being a relative term. It was about forty degrees; hardly cold by some standards. The hardest part was getting a bead on him through the window without getting in the glass and metal etagere that he was sitting behind. That thing is always in my line of sight when a bird (or one of the squirrels) sits on the deck railing just begging to be photographed!


  4. Bev says:

    You’re becoming a birder! That’s not a bad pastime. Thanks for the links. I joined the Arizona group. Their current cover photo from Bosque Del Apache is beautiful.


    • judilyn says:

      Not a real birder as such. Sometimes it is “birds” that present themselves as subjects in the backyard. A birder is one who will get up at the crack of dawn to join the birds. I’m probably not ever going to get to that stage! But so many are very appealing in their beauty, I am finding.


  5. what a cutie fat bird, lucky you my friend!


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