Organic Thanksgiving

stir fry, curry rice, cranberry relish

This quick meal was so delicious that words (almost) fail me! I bought a big organic chicken for Thanksgiving, and one of the lovely leftover days, we had this scrumptious meal. The stir fried vegetables are so crispy and nice, and a touch of curry powder in the rice gave it a nice color without burying the other flavors in CURRY!

Every year I get a few bags of cranberries and make the cranberry and orange relish for the holidays. We love it with anything in the chicken or turkey department.


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14 Responses to Organic Thanksgiving

  1. Craig says:

    The only variation I would suggest is to the cranberry/orange relish. Suzanne makes it with diced apples and walnuts added (and sometimes cinnamon and maple syrup). It works as a relish, salad and a great desert on vanilla ice cream, if you make enough.


  2. Clanmother says:

    You make every meal a joyful moment!!!


  3. LFFL says:

    Looks fantastic as always.


  4. Sherry says:

    Boy you sure have made me hungry. Looks “almost” too lovely to eat.


  5. Thanksgiving food year-round – sounds like a good idea! 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      That actually WAS our Thanksgiving meal, but I make similar meals year-round, as you probably have guessed! We particularly like sweet potatoes and/or yams, and keep them around. They make a great snack. Eat ’em out of the skins, and only a spoon gets dirty!


  6. I’m feeling slimmer n heatier just by seeing your meal photograph then….


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