Pizza and Deer

pizza and

We had already eaten the pizza by the time this fellow appeared out the kitchen window. He was limping pretty badly, so we wondered if the coyotes had been nipping at his back legs. A beautiful animal!! I hope he makes it.


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11 Responses to Pizza and Deer

  1. TexCyn says:

    Oh, he is beautiful . Good catch on that photo!


  2. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    Another amazing picture of the wildlife so close to us. I understand we have Mountain Lions around , too.


  3. LFFL says:

    Aw that’s sad. I hope nothing was nipping at him.


  4. He’s gorgeous – I hope he’ll be okay soon. I can’t imagine looking out my window and seeing him! You guys have such great windows! πŸ™‚


    • judilyn says:

      We’ve been watching for the buck to go by again, but have not seen him since Thursday. Just moments ago, a gigantic javelina went rambling by in high gear. Usually they run in packs, and show up just after dark, but we often see this one big guy on his own, and during daylight hours.


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