Martha’s Split Pea Soup

split pea soup for Martha

I know, I know – There are a lot of pictures of split pea soup on this blog, but this one is for a special friend in California, who is quite fond of split pea soup!

A bowl of this goodness made the perfect midnight snack last night for DH, the Night Owl, and he mentioned this morning that the “secret ingredient”

that I have been putting in so many things lately really enhanced the taste. His taster has been off because of the plethora of chemotherapy drugs, but seems to be making a comeback.

I had my Crock-ette on the counter overnight making bone broth, so he had scooped up a couple of ladles of that to enhance the midnight soup bowl, too. This morning we have a solid three cups of beautiful bone broth that will gel up nicely for use at a future meal.

The steamed rice provided leftovers sufficient for the perfect accompaniment for our dinner. I don’t often venture into anything very heavily curried, but a blogger friend (waving to Liz all the way up in Canada) has been posting the most enticing curry recipes lately, so I was determined to give one a try. Photos of my feeble attempt . . . tomorrow.

For gorgeous pictures of the step-by-step process of many wonderfully delicious meals, take a peek at Liz’ site!

If you like muffins . . . she is The Muffin Master! ;->

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11 Responses to Martha’s Split Pea Soup

  1. gypsy97 says:

    Beautiful! I know it tastes as good as it looks. Thank you for posting it.


  2. Clanmother says:

    You make every meal a celebration. Your rice adds that zest of elegance!


  3. Liz says:

    That looks like the sort of meal I would gobble in seconds. I love rice and I love split peas too. I had some curried lentils with some chapati last night. I really enjoyed my dinner. I am waving back to you right here from Canada. I am almost living in an Igloo these days. Thanks so much for mentioning my name on your post and my curries too…you are so very kind. I truly appreciate. I wish you a happy week. I shall be baking the old fashioned gingerbread this week. Virtual hugs….Liz


  4. Laurie says:

    Bone broth… hmmmm….

    After at least 18 months of following a “plant strong, (mostly) vegan, completely non-dairy” way of eating, I got my blood work results a couple of weeks ago: HDL, LDL, triglycerides all UP! Sheesh.

    So I am back to my omnivorous ways, happily. What sticks with me, though, is the elimination of processed foods from our household, to the extent realistic for us – much easier now that we are in a permanent location, with a weekly organic CSA delivery, Whole Foods, Costco, Trader Joes, a local natural foods co-op and lovely organic produce in nearby supermarkets. In my recent readings (including some Paleo research), I’ve come across bone broth now and again, always mentioned as supportive to health. And now here it is on your blog. Guess I am going to be giving it a try, as it sounds darn yummy and I expect to be seeing some bones on my plate in the future.

    Another delicous looking meal!


  5. Dale Ellis says:

    Where do you buy the “secret ingredient”? I only find the company that makes it.


    • judilyn says:

      I found it at Safeway here in Sierra Vista. Oddly enough, it is in the fresh produce section in that store. Bella Sun Luci’s HOME website seems to be

      and they are located in Chico, CA.

      There is a nice contact form at:

      Perhaps they could give you a list of where to buy their products. Many sites have this information already available, but I didn’t see this at their site. It is well worth tracking down. ;-> Their nice site has many possibilities for new recipe treats, so I shall be perusing it more fully soon. Thank you for heading me in that direction, Dale! ;-> Gary said that it is now a MUST for split pea soup! It really did enhance the flavor greatly without providing an actual in-your-face TOMATO experience. This is my new treasured ingredient!


      • Dale Ellis says:

        It does sound promising to me. I have their web site bookmarked, saw that they do sell direct to consumers, but didn’t think about calling them. Will try it. Thanks Judie.


  6. LFFL says:

    I love it. All that beautiful color going on there, too. Looks delicious.


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